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We live in paradox all the time.

· We can be sad and happy at the same time

· Love can be wonderful and hard,

· We can be satisfied and want to improve; we can be anxious and calm simultaneously........

When you start to look for all the paradoxes in life you begin to see that they exist everywhere. If we only think that sadness exists when we are sad, we are limited in our ability to choose. If we recognize that sadness is only one side of the paradox, then joy can be the other. Through the skills that I have learned and teach we can build the confidence to be both sides of the paradox and can move between the two.

One of the biggest paradoxes we experience in our lives is when we are living in one reality but holding the possibility of another, even though it does not yet exist. The tension that can occur when we hold two seemingly opposing thoughts at the same time can create a feeling of uncertainty. Generally, we do not like uncertainty, so we move to one side of paradox and think it is all that is available, which does not make us happy but at least we have erased the tension.

Being out of tension may feel good in the moment, but is tension something we need to create possibility?

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