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One on One Coaching

In my one on one coaching sessions I build a relationship with my clients of trust and expansion. We work on the issues that come up in their lives to practice the tools to begin to change the old thought patterns. With practice the new way of thinking becomes the primary pattern which is in line with the goals that my clients have. 

Group Session

Group sessions are great to join 6 people to talk and learn together. Each group will have topics to learn and then time to discuss how people are practicing, where are they challenged and to build a community of learning. Neuroscience is learning that connection to others can be a powerful tool to find new possibilities. 


Working with parents, one on one, allows parents to bring up specific instances in their lives where they are struggling. Finding new tools and skills to approach the areas that are challenging from a new perspective.  Parents are the hub of the familial system and when they begin to shift, everyone in the family usually shifts with them. 


Young Adult

Young adults are growing and learning at such a fast pace the one-on-one coaching assists them in finding ways to create pathways in the brain that are in line with their goals. At times, it is hard to see that we have control of ourselves when we feel so out of control in certain situations in our lives. This coaching will teach individuals how the brain operates and start to create expanded thoughts to create new pathways. 


Executives & Career Coaching

My executive and career clients range from (1) CEO's wanting to change their career course or gain new insights in how to manage more effectively, (2) young professionals starting out in their career and needing support on how to do this with ease, and (3) Clients looking for find a path that is more fulfilling or reengaging in the job they already have. 


There are multiple groups to join in the parenting group sessions. The topics could include:

  1. Basics on how the brain works and what to practice when helping grow another human beings brain. 

  2. How to teach your young adult to be resilient and how do you get out of the micro managing where possible? 

  3. Parents of Neuro-diverse children and how to find your chosen internal ground.

See events for different available groups. 


Young Adults

The young adults can move through a number of the different sessions geared to their needs at the time. From social networking, college readiness, how to manage anxiety and stress, getting clear on what they are wanting to create in their lives plus hopefully build friendships with the other young adults in the group and can practice the skills and tools together. 

Shannon Earle


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