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-Infinite Possibilities Await

Since 2013 I have worked with clients all over the country starting primarily with young adults and their parents. I get great pleasure in assisting others in seeing new ways of living their lives that are in line with how they would like to feel. Helping others realize they have the power to choose, regardless of past experiences, is fundamental in my coaching of clients.

Before I began my journey to be Happy On Purpose, life felt constricted, like I was living in a tunnel. At the time, I didn’t feel that I had choices or options, and it did not feel good. When I started to implement the tools that I will teach you, my life felt full: there were infinite possibilities and I found joy once again.

I would love the opportunity to share these tools so that you too can be the creator of the life you want to live!

 Shannon Earle


"Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Viktor E. Frankl

My findings

As we grow up, our experiences produce beliefs that can create a state of insecurity, low energy, filled with obstacles, and insufficient time.......These beliefs create a state of being that is unconscious and filled with automatic responses. 

Through the practice that I offer, you will learn the tools to take charge of your life, experience joy, fun, laughter, health, or any desired goal. This ability is already within you.  Allow me to coach you to uncover the life of your dreams, and live it now!

Teaching young adults the skill of being happy on purpose is an amazing experience and a gift I love to give.  My one-on-one coaching for students in college is just the support they need to finish school even when it gets hard.  I have the ability to quickly build rapport with students and give them tools to practice while attending classes so they can maintain their focus.  

My experience as a  College Swimmer at ASU would have been quite different if I had had a life coach to teach me the tools I have now. My ability to balance both the competition and the team work would have be so different.


Linda Geiger, Business owner, Seattle, WA

Shannon has been a very important part of my personal development.  Her warm and inviting professional style allows me the safety to express my thoughts and feelings.
Her life coaching skills guides me to my life goals and helps me make the right decision for me and my life.
With gratitude, I feel blessed to have her as my Life Coach.

Lucy Patterson

With humor, intelligence and great patience Shannon helped me find myself and my life again-and I am forever grateful. After coming close to a divorce, I felt lonely and devoid in my home and work life., something was missing and little did I know it was actually me! I had stopped listening to my true thoughts and feelings. I've gone from constantly dreading the next crisis (and blaming myself when it would inevitably appear) to feeling confident in the life I'm creating and full of love and understanding  for those around me. 

Shannon showed me how to recognize and honor all of my emotions. She then taught me the tools to decide how I really want to feel. I've changed the thought patterns that used to trip me up and leave me unhappy and anxious.

Thanks to Shannon's clear and simple coaching method, I've put the real me back in control and as a result I've created a life rich with possibility and understanding for myself and for others. She has given me the life-long gift that just keeps on giving-thank you, 


Ned Murray, Head of School, Augusta, GA

Shannon has really helped me get unstuck -- professionally and personally --beyond my expectations. I have a difficult, demanding job, and I was really in a doldrum, frequently feeling frustrated and trapped by other people’s expectations. Shannon really helped me develop the mindset and tools that allowed me to be far more effective, productive, and empowered than I thought possible. What I love about working with her is that she meets me where I am and brings tools and resources that she has put together specifically for my current situation and mindset. Nothing ever feels “cookie cutter.” As a result, all of my relationships -- personal and professional -- have improved, and I’m getting measurably better results at work. Most importantly, I feel so much better and have reclaimed joy, well-being, and my health.

Megan Cahill
University of Portland | Class of 2019
Communication Studies, B.A

“I am incredibly grateful to have worked with Shannon over the years. She has helped me significantly in ways that I did not know I could be helped in, especially through college and all of the hardships that comes with growing up in this complex world. What I have liked more than conventional counseling is that I feel like I am given tools every time we speak that I am able to work on that push myself but are manageable in my busy schedule.”

Shannon Earle


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