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Journeys with Kay and Shannon

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Kay and Shannon as your experienced guides. Our exclusive travel experiences are meticulously curated for small groups of women who seek to immerse themselves in vibrant communities while exploring the captivating wonders of the world. Discover the essence of camaraderie and expand your horizons as well as have a lot of fun with amazing women. Take a glimpse at our upcoming trips below and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure. 

An elephant splashing water at people

Thailand and Laos

January 23-February 2, 2024

Join us on an unforgettable trip to the enchanting land of Thailand. Immerse yourself in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, soak up the sun on a pristine island and delve into the cultural wonders of Chiang Mai. Single occupancy rooms!

$5300.00 (excluding air fare)

An elephant splashing water at people

Morocco and Spain

April 9-19, 2024

We will be flying into Tangier, Morocco, where we will travel for 5 days four nights. Visiting the sights of Tangier, Fez, and on to Marrakech. We then fly to Spain and continue our exploration by visiting Granada and some of the white villages along the mediteranian. Single occupancy rooms!

$5900.00 (excluding air fare)

Sold out!

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