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Embracing the Unknown

Hello, Curious Minds! 


Have you ever wanted to make the unknown disappear as quickly as possible? Most of us do! But what if the unknown holds the key to unlocking new possibilities in your life? The unknown is a source of growth and opportunity. We usually are so uncomfortable with new situations we tend to avoid them rather than look for them and lean in. This is a skill that everyone can get so much better at with a little intention. If we want life to be juicy and fun, we will have to go into the unknown.


The Power of the Unknown

The tension between reality and possibility can be uncomfortable, even scary. But it's in this tension that we can discover answers and potentials. The unknown is where possibilities exist, not in the familiar. This tension that gets created from the reality that we live in today and the possibility of the future, is what helps us learn.  Parker Palmer says “… we must learn to hold the tension between the reality of the moment and the possibility that something better might emerge...”


Real-Life Examples

Sarah: She used to meticulously plan every aspect of her life, leaving no room for spontaneity. Sarah decided to change her relationship with the unknown. Her new mantra became:


“I am willing to embrace uncertainty and the unknown. I allow the discomfort and tension that is created, and I look for the possibilities that exist in this space." 


This shift opened the possibility for new opportunities and brought excitement into her life.


Tom: He never thought he could succeed, so avoided all things that are new or unfamiliar. He started to try little things like, going to a store he had never visited before, calling an old friend he hadn’t talked to in a bit, and looking up some classes he was interested in. Each time he accomplished even a small step he congratulated himself.


His new mantra with the unknown and uncertainty sounded like.


I am willing to embrace the discomfort of new to find new possibilities.”


Personal example: When I decided to attend Gonzaga for my master’s it was so scary! I never thought I could complete a master’s degree (reality) but I knew in my heart that this was what I wanted to do (possibility). Every semester I came up against the fear and experienced imposter syndrome of being in grad school but every semester I mastered those feelings of tension and fear. My new relationship with the unknown is: I am willing to have the unknown bring amazing new possibilities into my life.


It’s Your Turn: Create a New Relationship with the Unknown

Start by crafting a new belief or statement about how you'd like to relate to the unknown. For instance, "I am willing to embrace uncertainty and the unknown. I am willing to allow the discomfort and tension it brings, and I seek the possibilities within."


Lean into the Tension

Every time you find yourself in the gap between what you know (reality) and what could be (possibility), lean into the tension. Learn from the experiences that occur in this space. It's like adding a scoop of 'dirt' into the gap. Over time, with learning and reflection, the gap will no longer be a gap.


Putting It into Practice

Here are some tips to implement these ideas in your life:

  • Journal Your Journey: Keep a journal where you record your experiences with the unknown and the insights you learn.

  • Challenge Your Comfort Zone: Breaking out of your comfort zone can be a game-changer. What are two things you could do this week that are outside your comfort zone?


Try This!  Challenge Your Routine Habits 

Try something new:


  • Step out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself to try something new These small changes can gradually expand your comfort zone and make you more comfortable with the unknown.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness to become more comfortable with discomfort and uncertainty.

  • Learn from Mistakes: Instead of fearing failure, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Visualize Possibilities: Spend time visualizing the life you want to create, focusing on the possibilities.

·       Life is more invigorating when we step to our edge of comfort.


Take Action

If you're intrigued and want to explore this further, consider scheduling a 1-on-1 session via I’d love to support you on your journey of embracing the unknown and exploring possibilities! 


In this personalized one-hour session, we will dive deeper into your unique challenges and provide guidance just for you.


Don't let the unknown hold you back; it can move you forward into a world of possibilities. Embrace uncertainty and let it transform your life. 


Feel free to forward this on to anyone in your life that would benefit from working with me. I always offer a free half hour session to understand how I work and to see if it is a good fit for you!


I look forward to supporting you on this journey towards choice and freedom!




Here is to your future!


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